'Ordinary' People Reveal What Matters to Them Most in This Charming Insurance Campaign

Dutch Insurer NN Interviewed More Than 250 Europeans

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Mar 28, 2017

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Dutch financial and insurance brand NN (Nationale-Nederlanden) set itself an ambitious goal in a recent campaign -- interviewing over 250 ordinary people across 12 European countries about life's "big questions."

Although the premise might sound simple, the result is a series of five documentary-style films that provoke some surprisingly emotional, funny and thought-provoking answers on the questions "What makes you happy?" (seen here); "What is your best advice?"; "What is the boldest decision you've taken?"; "When are you most inspired?" and "What do people like about you?"

The campaign breaking this week in 10 countries across Europe was created by Amsterdam agency Khanna/Reidinga, whose brief was to prove that NN is listening to and learning from its customers across Europe. According to the agency, picking the right questions to get the most interesting answers was the biggest challenge. The questions were first tested extensively on the streets of Amsterdam before the agency hit the road to start shooting; Czar director Kay Lindhout captured the responses.

Hesling Reidinga, executive creative director and co-founder of Khanna/Reidinga, said in a statement: In our industry, we have a lot of fun fabricating the most outlandish scenarios -- but it never ceases to amaze that people's real stories are in fact far more interesting and unexpected than a script."